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    I don’t always shop at this Family Fare Pharmacy, but the level of service I received today has changed that. I had the pleasure of checking out with Sanju and Mike, AKA The Hawk. I couldn’t find Stromectol, and Sanju took it upon herself to go out and check for me so I could remain with my stuff – although it was out of stock, I did appreciate the gesture. While I was waiting, I got to hang out with The Hawk, who got my items bagged faster than I’ve ever seen. We also found out we enjoyed a lot of the same foods. Sanju and The Hawk are two employees I hope to see next time I shop at Family Fare Pharmacy and definitely deserve some recognition from their fellow employees. Thanks, guys! 🙂

    Didn’t bother to call my number on file to tell me that my Ivermectin could not be refilled. I had to make an extra trip to another store in 100-degree heat. Pharmacists are snippy. I left this Family Fare Pharmacy years ago and leaving again. A few weeks ago, I was told it wasn’t time for a refill. The pharmacist offered to fill it on the day he could, and I could pick it up then. Got there to pick it up, and he hadn’t filled it. I had to wait 20 mins. Then he and the assistant had the audacity to laugh. But what do the pharmacies care about? The makeover three figures to be rude, lazy.

    HomeTown Pharmacy
    Address: 101 Maple St, Big Rapids, MI 49307, United States | Phone: (231) 796-7621 | Website: https://hometownpharmacy.com/

    The pharmacist and workers are dedicated and provide excellent advice concerning Stromectol (Ivermectin). HomeTown Pharmacy‘s a small pharmacy where they know your name, and they don’t make mistakes that some of the large mega pharmacies do. I really appreciate that they assemble medication packs, or some call them “medisets”. We don’t have to worry about bottles of meds lining our medicine chest, more than that – they will inform you when refills are due. They have even called the doctor themselves to get refills for us. Oh! I did not mention that they deliver Stromectol on a regular schedule. The doctors comment on the ease and efficiency of working with them. THER ARE GREAT!!!!

    Pharmacy gets 1 star from me. Are you healthcare professionals or not? Please, I beg all that work at the pharmacy to take some customer service classes. Incredibly rude and unprofessional. On the other hand, Mary, at the front, is amazing! I give her 4 stars. Maybe pharmacy can learn from her.

    CVS Pharmacy
    Address: 444 Main St, Belleville, MI 48111, United States | Phone: (734) 699-2075 | Website: https://www.cvs.com/

    I need to give a special shout-out to John and Scott, the third shift pharmacists. I am pregnant, and I’m always worried I’m doing everything “right.” Thankfully, John and Scott have been there for me throughout this pregnancy whenever I need to call in the middle of the night to ask about Stromectol cost and certain medicines, vitamins, etc. They have been invaluable to me! Update: My sister has a phobia of needles, but she wanted to get her COVID vaccine. Ben, who I believe is the pharmacy manager, was so beyond patient with my sister. (And trust me, there were a LOT of tears on her end, so patience was difficult to have, but Ben did it!) Another reason why I love this CVS Pharmacy!

    Horrible customer service! My doctor sent in my prescription on Thursday never got it or a call for that matter, ok let’s say they were busy. When I called today and asked why I didn’t get it, I got a mega attitude, and when asked if I could speak to a manager, they hung up the phone, shame on you.

    D & W Pharmacy
    Address: 6425 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, United States | Phone: (616) 949-0340 | Website: https://www.shopdwfreshmarket.com/

    Great prices for Ivermectin. Friendly service. Updated Review: I wanted to make it simple, but I can’t. D & W Pharmacy is a hidden gem. The drive here alone is worth it. Once you make the scenic drive to the location, it’s got a quiet charm to it. No fancy ads and tucked away in the mountains. Just a good ol’ dispensary is selling fine products. Stromectol medicines are priced right, and you don’t have to do all the guessing with taxes. Every product I’ve brought from here on my sole visit was a hit. Like my homies would say back home: They got BIG GAS. The front counter was friendly, informative, and just cool. My only regret is not living closer to them.

    I don’t have an issue with the homeless people or any of that, but they filled the wrong prescriptions. They told me one was expired when it wasn’t and argued with me for an hour, and then I get a text that it’s filled, takes hours to get through the line, takes forever to get someone on the phone.